£3000 development fund – urgent appeal

Socialist Resistance has been extremely busy over the last year. All this costs money and prices are going up. Rail Fares, printing, fuel and phone bills – most of our basic costs have increased over the last year at the same time as we have been trying to respond to increasing demands. We need your help in order to continue this work.

Our work
We have been heavily involved in setting up and developing Left Unity which goes from strength to strength at a national, regional and local level. Left Unity held a very successful national conference in Manchester in March and is now standing its first candidates in local council elections in May. Left Unity has had more coverage in the mainstream media over recent weeks and its membership and active branches continue to grow.
We have been involved in the anti-cuts movement at a local and national level including in strongly supporting the launch and development of the People’s Assembly. The demonstration called by the People’s Assembly for June 21 will be an important priority for both Left Unity and Socialist Resistance.

We continue to see developing and promoting ourselves as an ecosocialist current as important. We have collaborated on producing two issue of The Ecosocialist with comrades of Green Left land we participated in and sponsored Ecosocialism 2013 in Manchester.

ecosocialism-widebannerNow we are organising an ecosocialist discussion event together with RS21 at the beginning of June, bringing together a series of campaigners and writers from Britain, Europe – and across the world (through live links) to share experiences and deepen our analysis.
For 2 weeks at the beginning of March we organised a tour with Badrul Alam from Bangladesh on superexploitation and climate crisis in Bangladesh – rather timely as extreme weather events have become more a focus of political discussion in Britain than previously.

Through the tour we raised small amounts money to support the climate caravan which the comrades in Bangladesh are organising through Bangladesh, India and Nepal. We are launching a separate appeal to help further with this work and will be posting more information about that very soon.
We continue to be involved in discussions with other groups on the revolutionary left about how to overcome the divisions on the left. Together with the International Socialist Network and the Anti-Capitalist Initiative we have produced two issues of the free magazine Exchange and have organised a number of joint events in different parts of Britain.

We have published two books over the last year: Cinzia Arruzza’s Dangerous Liasions: the marriages and divorces of Marxism and Feminism and Daniel Tanuro’s Green Capitalism why it can’t work. We recently organised a very successful mini-tour with Cinzia speaking in Oxford London and Manchester. We also helped to publish Conversations with Charlie to mark the centenary of Charlie van Gelderen’s birth.
We continue to organise local meetings in many parts of Britain, to produce our magazine and run our website and to send comrades to meetings of the Fourth International discussing the economic crisis, women’s liberation in the 21st Century, the Arab revolutions and much more.
We need your support

All of this costs money. That’s why we have launched a development fund of £3000 to make sure we can meet our commitments and keep pace with the challenges of the months ahead. Our own members have been asked over the last month to contribute to this appeal and we have raised £2500 so far.

But to get over the final hurdle and secure a sound financial basis for the months ahead we are asking a wider group of supporters if they can help.
Rush us a cheque payable to Resistance to PO Box 62732, London SW3 9GQ, make a bank transfer to Resistance – 080228 – 70186297 or make a donation on through paypal to pay resistance@sent.com

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