Abortion – a Woman’s Right to Choose!

This is the text of the Socialist Resistance leaflet for Tuesday’s demonstrations.

You can download the PDF here.

By taking part in these actions to defend women’s abortion rights, women and men are making it clear that we want our representatives in parliament to support the right of women to control their own bodies.

Without the right to control our fertility, women can take only limited steps to control the rest of our lives. That’s why the battle for abortion rights is so central to the fight for women’s liberation.

86 per cent of the public support a woman’s right to choose – will MPs show how good they are at listening by supporting this right by voting against any further restriction in the time limits? If they don’t, we need to make it clear that there will be a massive campaign throughout the labour movement to reverse such a reactionary decision.

Even if we are successful in defending the existing law over the next couple of days, there is plenty more to do.

Socialist Resistance supports strengthening the existing law – for example by getting rid of the need to have the permission of two doctors to decide what to do with our own bodies.

Build the campaign

Abortion Rights has played an important role over the last six months in particular bringing together trade unionists, students, feminists and other activists to defend abortion rights. But the campaign remains but weaker than its predecessor the National Abortion Campaign.

That weakness is partly as a result of the defeats the labour movement as a whole has suffered over the last twenty years, partly because abortion itself hasn’t been frontally under attack on so many occasions and partly because there has been in an overall rollback of feminist ideas.

Socialist feminists in particular have a responsibility to get involved in Abortion Rights and to make sure the issue of women’s abortion rights is taken up increasingly strongly in their workplaces and trade unions

For further information www.abortionrights.org

Voices for the working class in the 21st century

A day of discussion and debate on building broad left parties across Europe.
June 28th 2008

10.30 – 18.00

ULU Malet St London (nearest tube Goodge St)

Speakers from Die Linke in Germany, the Left Block in Portugal, the LCR in France, the Dutch Socialist Party and Sinistra Critica from Italy. From Britain, speakers from Respect, the Green left and the CPB.
Tickets £10 waged £5 unwaged (£2 students)

Cheques payable to Socialist Resistance, PO Box 1109 London N4 2UU

Socialist Resistance – Join us!

Socialist Resistance is a group of people who are convinced that capitalism is a system that offers most of humanity a future of war, environmental catastrophe and poverty.
We are Marxists because we can see that human society is divided into conflicting social classes. We take the side of the working class, the poor and the oppressed in Britain and internationally. Our political activity has the aim of putting society under the democratic political and economic control of working class people. They are the majority of the population.

Supporters of Socialist Resistance argue that the Labour Party has become so right-wing that, even though millions of workers still support it, the big job for socialists in Britain is to help create a new anti-capitalist party that supports workers’ and students’ struggles, defends asylum seekers, women’s rights and opposes imperialist wars. We are working hard to make sure that Respect Renewal is a success because we think that it is an important step along this road.

Socialist Resistance members are active in their workplaces and trade unions fighting to defend and extend workers’ jobs and conditions through mass action. We are also active in trying to building fighting democratic broad lefts within our unions.
Socialist Resistance stands in opposition to racism

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