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Socialist Resistance is an ecosocialist, feminist, internationalist and revolutionary organisation with a central project of building of a broad party of the radical left to address the ongoing crisis of working class representation. We support Left Unity in England and Wales as a step towards such a party and in Scotland we support the Scottish Socialist Party.

Across Europe, social democratic parties have fully embraced the neo-liberal agenda and new parties such as Podemos in the Spanish State, the Left Block in Portugal, the Red Green Alliance in Denmark and Die Linke in Germany have been created to provide an alternative an anti-austerity alternative.

We welcome the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party as a part of the same process and the launch of Momentum to involve supporters outside of the party. We defend Corbyn against the Blairites and the Labour right as a part of the struggle against austerity.

We oppose all cuts and austerity and seek to be in the anti-cuts campaigns, opposing privatisation, and defending of the NHS. We seek to link campaigns against cuts and austerity to the struggle against climate change and the defence of the environment.

We oppose the anti-union laws imposed by the Tories and call for their repeal. We fight to build the trade unions as class-struggle organisations that will effectively represent their members, defend their rights at work and their standard of living.

We aim to see society under the democratic political and economic control of that majority. In Britain today control is in the hands of a tiny number of wealthy people who are more concerned with profit than human need.


As a feminist organisation we aim to expose how austerity particularly impacts on women. We support campaigns at home and abroad for women to have control of our bodies and our lives. We support the right of women to organize within the labour movement – includingwithin our own organisation

We also stand in opposition to racism and Islamophobia, and the oppression of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and trans people and disabled people. We believe that the most effective way to fight these forms of discrimination is by the coming together of those who experience them – none so fit to break the chains as those who wear them!


As the British section of the Fourth International, we are involved not only in campaigningagainst imperialist wars and oppression but in a range of international solidarity initiatives including the defence of the Palestinian people, solidarity with the Syrian revolution, and supporting the right of Ukraine to self-determination.


We are the only far-left group in Britain that defines itself as ecosocialist. We know that the ruling class will look for solutions to the environmental disaster but will try and make the poor, the working class and the developing world pay. They will carry on destroying the environment as a result of their need to make profits.

Ecosocialism is a declaration that the designation ‘socialist’ is no longer adequate; thatthe ecological issues cannot be an add-on for us but are central to everything we do – a fundamental component of our programmatic identity.

It is a signal that we reject the capitalist logic of insatiable growth, which is built into the nature of the system and which fuels the requirements of capitalist production. It means striving for a society based on ecological rationality, democratic control, social equality, and the predominance of use-value over exchange-value.




  1. You have said who you are not supporting in London Mayoral elections, you should say how you are advocating people to vote!

  2. Hello There
    If I were in England, I would support the Socialist Party of Britain. My reason is they are making great strides in building a movement with the Trade Unions. I agree with you on Cars. In fact I talk about their being too many cars, and the accidents, and car rage and the cause that most cars do to the Environment. I refuse to own a Car. We need a better mass Transit World Wide. To where we have a bus that can drop us off at our door. And better train service and Taxi service. Like they have in a small town in Switzerland.
    They are Electric. And more Walking paths, and bike paths. Jimmy.

  3. Hi Jimmy. I can’t say I know the Socialist Party of Britain well, but I think it’s great that all socialist groups share an understanding of how central the trade unions are in defending workers’ rights, especially in the public sector. Socialist Resistance places a lot of emphasis on the idea that trade unions need to think socially and act politically about climate change. That’s why we have played a central role, with other ecosocialists, in the trade union movement against climate change.

  4. SR is not a group of Marxists. The blurb in the inside of the front cover of the printed SR journal now, quite correctly, has removed the statement “we are Marxists”. Marxism is above all else a method of analysis namely dialectical materialism. Leon Trotsky, who founded the Fourth International, did not insist that all of its members had to call themselves Marxists, e.g., most famously Burnham, Shatchman, Abern.

  5. I recently read ‘Democracy at Work: A cure for Capitalism’ by Richard Wolff. He argues that surplus value should stay with the workers not be taken by the state. A refreshing view on the mechanics of a new socialism. He’s great on you tube too.

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