Acting now to defend the climate – demonstrations on 21 September

The World Leaders’ Climate Summit in New York in September is a key moment in the fight against climate change.

It certainly saw the most extraordinary movement of global resistance with over 2500 actions taking place in different parts of the globe demanding that leaders take effective action. 400,000 protestors thronged the streets of New York in celebratory mood. Actions also took place in cities as diverse as New Dehli, Melbourne and Istanbul.

climate219lonThe Campaign against Climate Change helped to organise the 40,000 strong People’s Climate March in London along with many other organisations including Avaaz,, UKYCC, People & Planet, Operation Noah, Wake Up London, Oxfam, Art Not Oil, BP or not BP, CAFOD, UCL Students’ Union, Greenpeace UK, Rising Tide where 40,000 turned out while 3000 people demonstrated outside Labour Party conference in Manchester and a whole number of protests sprang up across Britain from Newcastle to Glouscester, from Sheffield to Edinburgh.

frackingThe growing movement of opposition to fracking across Britain from Fylde to Barton Moss – was an important thread in many of these actions. Campaigners here have made links with activists in the US who have told of the devastation that fracking is wreaking on the environment and communities where it is already in operation.

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