Socialists go to Italy

August 16, 2017 admin3 0
Josh Berlyne recounts a week of debate, discussion, and delicious Italian tomatoes beneath the summer sun at the 34th International Youth Camp, organised by the […]

Another World Is Possible

August 14, 2017 admin3 0
Nathan Rogers, reports on the 34th International Youth Camp held in Italy. Nathan is a member of Socialist Resistance and was part of the delegation […]

Love is not enough

August 11, 2017 admin3 0
Andy Stowe reviews Naomi Klein’s new book “No Is Not Enough” on Trump’s rise and her plan for defeating him. The first thing that hits […]

A letter to Jeremy about Ken

April 6, 2017 admin3 0
On Wednesday,  Ken Livingstone was suspended from membership for a further year for bringing the party into disrepute for comments he made in the defence of […]