Bangladesh climate caravan appeal

Climate Justice, Gender and Food Sovereignty Caravan 2014.

The 4th Bangladesh caravan on climate change, gender and food sovereignty will be leaving Dhaka on the 10th of November and travel though India and conclude on Nepal. It is appealing for donations to finance this very ambitions and important initiative.

The caravan is organised by the Bangladeshi peasant organizations — the Bangladesh Krishok Federation and Bangladesh Kishani Sabha —along with the global peasant movement La Via Campesina with the support of many other networks and activists

Bangladesh is at the sharp end of the climate crisis. It faces disastrous floods, more intense tropical cyclones, rising sea level, and increasingly high temperatures”. In fact the whole South Asian region is highly sensitive to the consequences of climate change and faces the most destructive events.

The caravan presents its objectives as follows: “The caravan aims to address the key issues of climate change, gender and food sovereignty and their interrelationships. There is an ongoing and urgent need to inform and mobilize vulnerable peasant populations in order to respond to the threats of climate change, and to further develop international solidarity networks concerning climate change and food sovereignty.

More information about the caravan can be found at:

Please make donations if you possibly can.

Send donations
By bank transfer to: Resistance sort code 08 02 28 Account no 70186297 and coded Caravan
Or by to pay
Or by cheque to Resistance, PO Box 62732, London SW2 9GQ.

Bank transfer is quickest and easiest for us
Please email terry at to say you have done this and by what method




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