The Left response to Brexit @ KCBNA Community Centre
Jan 22 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
The Left response to Brexit @ KCBNA Community Centre

London Socialist Resistance

ALENA IVANOVA (Another Euope is Possible)
OZLEM ONARAN (Professor of Economics)
ALAN THORNETT (Socialist Resistance)

at the Community centre, 62 Marchmont Street,
WC1N 1AB (Kings Cross & Russell Sq tube)
Just a few days after the vote in Parliament, join us us to analyse the implications and discuss the challenge for the left to stop Brexit. The EU is not a more progressive form of capitalism to that in the UK, and the Brexit referendum has encouraged xenophobia and the far right. Any form of Brexit will make us poorer and we will loose our freedom of movement. It is a project of the free-market fundamentalists and the nationalist right. That’s why the left must oppose Brexit and fight for a Europe of social justice. With the Tories in crisis and a broken Britain, we need a general election to get Jeremy Corbyn into no. 10.