Feminism Today @ Marchmont Street Community Centre
Nov 25 @ 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Feminism Today @ Marchmont Street Community Centre

with sessions on:
Ecosocialism and Feminism (Marijke Colle)
Women and Austerity (Susan Pashkoff)
Socialist and Radical Feminism (Penny Duggan and Alison Treacher)

This day-school will address essential current discussions from a socialist feminist perspective. Issues of ecosocialism and feminism, the impact of austerity on women in Britain, an explanation of the essential differences between radical feminism and socialist feminism and the rise of a new feminist wave and how socialist feminism must be participating in the movement.

Breakout discussions on the different topics and how we can implement this information in our day to day political activities will be held as part of the day. This day school will enable us to understand, develop and implement our knowledge.