Feeling under siege

August 17, 2018 admin1 0
These past couple of weeks have put me in a particularly vile mood, to the point when watching Family Guy with my husband yesterday, there […]

The New Coup

August 5, 2018 admin4 2
The shape and direction of the current coup are clear, writes Roland Rance. Corbyn is being set up to lose, and Jews are being set […]

Barnet left activist targeted

July 11, 2018 admin1 0
Veronica Fagan from Socialist Resistance talked to Fred Leplat about his political history and his recent exclusion from the Labour Party VF: Tell us something […]

Palestinian Lives matter

May 15, 2018 admin1 0
It seems almost inevitable that by the time this short piece is published more Palestinians will have been murdered in Gaza by the Israeli state, […]