Dave Packer was right to be optimistic

A revolutionary optimist
Dave Packer, a revolutionary optimist

Today (3 July) is the first anniversary of our comrade Dave Packer, who was a leader of the Fourth International in Britain for more than 30 years, in the IMG, the ISG and Socialist Resistance.  At the time of his death tributes noted how he had maintained his determination and good humour through many defeats for the workers and revolutionary movements over a prolonged period of neoliberal offensive. Dave would have been amazed by the developments on the British left over the past year, and delighted by the formation of Left Unity. What a shame he didn’t live to see these things. As one tribute said at the time: “Dave never stopped believing and never stopped fighting. It is the achievements of comrades like Dave that enable others to go on, to take the revolutionary socialist programme to the new generation of rebels emerging from the debacle of neoliberal capitalism.”


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  1. He would also have been fascinated and engaged with all the other developments globally – as Paul Mason put it – ‘it’s kicking off everywhere’. One of his favourite phrases was ‘optimism of the will and pessimism of the intellect’ and he retained this maxim himself all his political life.

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