Demonstrate against health and social care bill

imageThe Health and Social Care Bill will soon be voted on by
our MPs. This shameful Bill will privatise our NHS.
It is widely opposed by health professionals, including GPs.
There has been very little  coverage of this in the media.
Our government wants to put private profit before our access
to medicine and care, but . . .They work for us – they have no mandate for privatisation

YOU CAN STOP THEM – act now, inform friends, family and
workmates. Protest! Don’t let them take your NHS away

Wednesday 8 February
2.30 – 8.30pm

Old Palace Yard, Westminster SWIP – opposite the Lords

Also, on Tues 7 February there is also a Lobby of the BMA London Regional Council at 6pm at BMA House, Tavistock Sq, WC1H 9JP

The meeting will debate their opposition to the bill and consider taking a ballot on industrial action not only on pensions but also to get the Bill withdrawn,


Drop the Health and Social Care Bill
Please sign and forward this link urgently – we need signatures to be seriously increased to over 100,000 in double quick time:

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