Demonstrations break out across Spain – exclusive video

Demonstrations have broken out in Madrid, Barcelona and many other Spanish cities in protest at the Government’s handling of the economic crisis. Sandra from the organisation Izquerdas Unidas (United Left) writes:

The protest in the video is in my city, Barcelona, but there are many more in other places and the ones in Madrid is much bigger. Thousands are getting together to say stop the crisis, stop a system that exploits people and the planet, stop sexism, stop corruption, and stop this false democracy. This is a very inspiring moment here in Spain and we need everybody in the world to have first-hand knowledge of what is happening. The political class is seriously worried.

Watch the video here.


  1. Message I just received re London protest tonight

    “I have been trying to organise a solidarity protest here in London for Friday 20th May at 16.00 outside the Spanish Embassy. Further details can be found here and follow #tomalaplazalondon”

    Solidarity is all the more urgent since all demos have been banned from midnight tonight to midnight on Sunday.

    • if you are on twitter follow us @tomalacallelond for all the latest news and info about the protest today at 16.00 in trafalgar square!

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