Discussion and Debate on Women’s Liberation

SATURDAY 13 APRIL; 1pm – 5pm

Discussion and Debate on Women’s Liberation:
The origins of women’s oppression
What is socialist feminism?

Speakers: Jane Shallice, Joanna Ramiro (ACI) and Jane Kelly (SR)

Venue: Community Centre, 62 Marchmont Street, WC1N 1AB
(Kings Cross or Russell Square tube)

And a slide show of photos by Louise of “women in struggle, women at the forefront”.


Women’s oppression arose with the existence of private property and class society. It has taken a specific form under capitalism as women are exploited not just because they have the primary responsibility for social reproduction but also because they are workers. The struggle for women’s liberation is essential and a part of the global struggle of workers and the oppressed against capitalism today.  Socialist feminists believe that a socialist revolution is necessary for eradicating the oppression of women, but that the struggle for liberation has to start now and will continue after a revolution.

Uniting all women who want to fight against that oppression under the banner of women’s liberation is a key objective for socialist feminists. But it is working-class women who suffer most acutely whether it is from the lack of abortion facilities on the NHS, from sexual harassment or from economic discrimination in the workplace. Socialist feminists are in favour of the autonomy of the Women’s Liberation movement and of women’s leadership of the struggles against women’s oppression, at the same time as building alliances with organisations that involve men.

The presentations and discussion will look at the history of women’s oppression as well as strategies for liberation argued for by socialist feminists.

Organised by London Socialist Resistance

Note: this event was originally scheduled for Saturday 23 March and has been postponed to this new date.

For further details, phone Socialist Resistance at 020 7346 8889, or email london@socialistresistance.org. On-line registration at http://www.eventbrite.com/event/5756558020#


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