Demonstration for Justice and Freedom in Nicaragua

10th June 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Trafalgar Square
London WC2
Demonstration for Justice and Freedom in Nicaragua @ Trafalgar Square
Come join us this 10th of June to express our solidarity with Nicaragua! This event will take place in different countries in Europe simultaneously, including Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland and The Netherlands; where we will read a collective statement from Nicaraguans living in Europe.

Since the 19th of April, the Ortega-Murillo regime in Nicaragua has unleashed a wave of violence against its population. Armed national and riot police, as well as pro-government forces dressed as civilians were sent to repress university students and young people, activists and elders protesting peacefully at first against national pension reforms, and now against the repression. The police has been shooting to kill. The first days of repression resulted in the deaths of 46 young people and a journalist, as well as unjust detentions, torture and rape by the national police. Since then, the death toll has risen to more than 100 people and over 600 injured. The CIDH (Inter-American Commission on Human Rights) and Amnesty International have condemned the atrocities carried out by this government.

The regime has invited people to dialogue but continues the repression. Hundreds of thousand of people have marched against Ortega and his spouse, the vice-president. They demand their resignation and a transitions towards a transparent and free electoral process.

Please circulate and come and join us, in solidarity with the Nicaraguan people. Say no to dictatorial repression!

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