International Revolutionary Youth Camp

22nd July 2018 @ 8:00 pm – 28th July 2018 @ 9:00 pm
Socialistisk Ungdomsfront
International Revolutionary Youth Camp
Sun, summer and socialism – join us when Socialist Youth Front hosts the international revolutionary youth camp (ISUL)!

At ISUL, you will be a part of a community of 500 revolutionary socialists from the entire world. Here we shall attend exciting and educating workshops, share our experience from the class struggle, form new friendships and celebrate with each other for a week.
Every day has its own theme which ranges among eco socialism, to womens struggles, to refugees and to the struggle for a world without borders.
ISUL is a self-organized camp. This means that we, the young people which attends the camp, are the ones who decide what is going to happen.

A lot is going on in the international feminist movements; in every nation, women and queers fight against oppression of all sorts. At the youth camp, you will meet the leaders of these movements. If you want to hear about the struggle for abortion rights in Poland, the movement against femicide in Latin America or the international women’s strikes – then the youth camp is the place, where you can learn everything from those in front.
An important part of ISUL is the self-organized theme days, spaces and parties:
– Every day will contain workshops on the women’s space and the LGBTQIA+-space. Here we share experiences and ideas from our struggles around the world.
– One of the days are the women’s struggle day. This day ends with the women’s party, where the women of the camp party and make body paint until sunrise.
– Another day has LGBTQIA+ as its theme. That day ends with a queer party, in which we challenge the norms for gender and sexuality.

We will discuss to our brains are tender, dance till we fall asleep and chant till we lose our voices. But most of all we will discuss everything from education cuts and strikes, through factory occupations and autonomy from market forces, to the science of getting the glitter out of one’s hair after the LGBTQIA+-party.
What are you waiting for?

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