Left Unity Summer Conference

June 24, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Imperial Hotel
61-66 Russell Square
London WC1B 5BB
Left Unity
Left Unity Summer Conference @ Imperial Hotel

The general election has seen a humiliating defeat for Theresa May – now reduced to a minority government Coalition of Chaos – and a huge surge to the Corbyn-led Labour Party, standing on a popular left-wing manifesto. Discussing the next political steps is urgent: how to get rid of the Tories, how to finally defeat austerity and end the attacks on the working class. Left Unity’s summer conference will be one of the first opportunities to debate these questions. It’s taking place in London on 24th and 25th June. All members and supporters are welcome – come and join the discussion.

We will be able to rapidly assess the new political situation and plan our work in the new context. This will also be a pivotal moment in world politics on the central issues we face: Brexit, Trump, war, austerity, the rise of the far right and the destruction of the environment. There will be discussions on policy and a detailed look at the structure and democracy of our organisation – preparing it for the tasks ahead.

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