Rally for the Birmingham Bin Workers

September 17, 2017 @ 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Victoria Square
Birmingham B4 1QS
Unite the Union
Rally for the Birmingham Bin Workers @ Victoria Square

Support the Birmingham Bin Workers protest rally

From 11am Sunday 17th September 2017
Victoria Square – in front of the council house
Birmingham City Centre
B1 1DB

Called and Organised by Unite the Union

Come and show your support for the Birmingham Bin Workers!


The council are trying to impose job losses and significant pay cuts on bin workers. There are more households, more people and more rubbish being collected in less hours and the council want even less hours in more unsafe conditions –unsafe both for the public and workers.

Pay Cuts
When the service moved from black bags to wheelie bins, crews were cut from 5 to 3. A driver, (with a big vehicle in often tight spaces) a loader and a second loader who takes extra responsibility for safety at the back and side of the wagon. (they are not non-working ‘supervisors’ as implied by the Birmingham Mail). The Council want to abolish that role and cut workers pay.

Bin workers have already had 2 pay cuts since 2008. As one bin worker explained “we’re happy to discuss any terms and conditions the council want to change. But we can’t accept a pay cut, plain and simple. People have mortgage and families to feed, so a pay cut of up to £5000 a year is not acceptable.

Rather than talk to unions, management have sent intimidatory redundancy notices to the homes of workers and are paying costly agency staff to pick up the backlog.

The council have claimed that the £300,000 a year it’d take to keep the jobs of Grade 3 workers on their current pay level would be unaffordable. But they’ve already spent over £2m trying to break the strike by employing scab labour – a cost only set to rise by £40,000 a day thanks the council doing a u-turn on it’s agreement to withdraw the redundancies and in doing so provoking another round of strikes.
Why not simply stop pay cuts and let our workforce work?

The council mis-budgeted: Budgeting only for picking up wheelie bins not all the other rubbish from our streets. So they overspent on the wheelie bin scheme and on hundreds of expensive agency workers. (Agency workers aren’t paid more, it’s agencies that benefit. Agency workers are often bullied to work more unsafely.) That meant they ’overspent’ and are now trying to make workers pay for a crisis caused by government cuts and their mismanagement. Workers want all agency workers to have full time, proper jobs.

Workers offered ideas on how to make the service more efficient, but management ignored them and imposed their cuts.

The mess on our streets after just 2 hour strikes shows that the job they do is vital, just like nurses, firefighters and all those being made to pay for the mess caused by greedy bankers. Like all of us, Bin workers have the right to safe working conditions and not having their wages slashed. We need to support one another against these kind of attacks that are being made on so many of us

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