Get ready for the 2016 Fourth International Youth Camp

Nathan R. reports from the planning meeting for this year’s Fourth International Youth Camp. Read on for details of how you can take part in a week of politics, partying and sunshine in Catalonia. If you are too old to participate,  you can also feel part of this major festival of Marxism, feminism and ecology by making a donation to allow younger comrades to attend.  

Over the Easter break, revolutionary activists from across Europe assembled in the International Institute for Research and Education in Amsterdam to discuss and plan the 33rd International Revolutionary12919876_10153713126858292_37522014415161484_n Summer Camp. This year the camp will take place in Canoves, Catalonia, about a half hour drive from Barcelona from July 24th -30th. It will be organised by Anticapitalistas, who participate in Podemos.

After a lot of discussion we agreed on the themes for the week:

  1. Crisis, Youth and Class
  2. Imperialism, the Middle East, the Refugee Crisis and Anti-Racism
  3. Feminism and the Fight for Women’s Emancipation
  4. LGBTQI Struggles
  5. The Impossibility of Green Capitalism and the need for Ecosocialism
  6. Political Organisations and Social Movements

I want to go – what do I need to do?

The group which went to our 2015 gathering had Labour Party members, activists from the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC), Plan C, Left Unity and the Woodcraft Folk.  If your politics are somewhere around there you’ll love the camp.

You will need a tent and a sleeping bag. The cost for the week, including food is estimated to be £125 plus travel to Catalonia. We’ll probably be travelling by coach.

Much of the site is accessible, but if you have access needs please get in touch with to discuss them. If you are interested in coming contact us at

If you are already in a political organisation, ask it to contact us to discuss sending people.

A brochure with the programme and practicalities of the camp can be downloaded here.

Download the camp flyer here.

I want to help someone to go – what do I need to do?

The delegation is self-organised but young people have been hard hit by austerity, poverty wages and debt. Socialist Resistance has launched a fund drive for £3000 to make sure no young feminists, socialists and environmentalists will be stopped from going because they don’t have the cash. You can help by making a donation in any of the following ways:

·    A bank transfer to Socialist Outlook  080228 70935370 and send an email to saying you have made a donation for the camp

·     Paypal to : ( please state that this is for the Youth Camp appeal)

Or if all that internet stuff isn’t for you, send a cheque to PO Box 62732 London SW3 9GQ marked “Youth Camp appeal”

Find out more about the Fourth International at

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