Gilbert Achcar on Russian, British, American, Saudi and Iranian intervention in Syria

In this pugnacious interview on Russia Today, Gilbert Achcar explains how Russian support is crucial to keeping the butcher Assad in power. He’s equally forthright about the role of American, British and French imperialism as well as how the Saudi and Iranian regimes are on the side of the anti-democratic forces.

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  1. RT got more than it bargained for inviting Gilbert to discuss Syria, particularly when he exposed Russia as an imperialist power no different to other imperialist powers. Russian imperialism has still to learn a lot from Britain and the US in the art of deception and manipulation of the media as this television interview illustrates.The interview afforded Gilbert the opportunity not only to expose the role of the imperialists in Syria but to highlight among other demands of the Syrian people, getting rid of Assad before there can be an end to the conflict

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