Glasgow East by-election – Vote Frances Curran SSP

fran_john_election2008 Frances Curran, the socialist candidate in Glasgow East, has vowed to launch a crusade against greedy politicians who plunder the public purse to make themselves rich.

“Winning a seat in parliament these days is like winning the lottery,” says Frances.
“MPs have a pay package worth quarter of a million pounds. On top of that, they can rake in a fortune from second homes and first class travel expenses.
“Many put their relatives on the payroll to send their household income soaring into the stratosphere.”
According to press reports, the last Labour MP for Glasgow East paid his wife and daughter half a million pounds to work from home.

A workers’ MP on a workers’ wage


As an MSP in the last Scottish Parliament, Frances spurned the lavish Holyrood lifestyle to stay in touch with ordinary people.
She donated tens of thousands of pounds -half her total salary -to the socialist movement. She published every penny of her expenses.

“I lived as a workers MSP on a workers’ wage, like my other Scottish Socialist Party colleagues,” says Frances.
“If elected as the MP for Glasgow East I’ll do exactly the same again. I believe in improving life for the whole of the East End -and not just for the chosen few who get themselves elected,” says Frances.
After 30 years in socialist politics Frances Curran has no expensive possessions.
She doesn’t own a house, but lives in a top-floor rented housing association tenement.
She has no car, no expensive furniture, no loot stashed away in a personal bank account.
You may not agree with everything Frances Curran says. But even her opponents admit she’s one of that rare breed of politicians who has never been seduced by glitz, wealth and celebrity.

For more details about the campaign visit the Scottish Socialist Party’s site.

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