Glasgow Solidarity with Catalonia!

Several hundred people gathered at short notice to support Catalonia in Glasgow’s George Square on Monday 9th October.  They marched to the symbol of solidarity from the people of Glasgow to the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s and heard speeches in support of the outcome of the Catalonian referendum on 1 October.  The march had been called by the Radical Independence Campaign following a well-attended meeting of RISE, the socialist movement in support of Scottish independence, the previous week.  That meeting had heard an eyewitness report from RISE coordinator, Sean Baillie who had been part of the Scottish delegation to the Catalonian referendum hosted by the socialist CUP (Popular Unity Candidacies).  RISE agreed to work with other left groups, including where possible members of the Labour Party, to establish an ongoing united campaign in defence of Catalonia and for democracy.
Later that evening the Scottish Socialist Party held a meeting attended by around 40 people just outside the SNP Conference in Glasgow.  SSP National Secretary, Connor Beaton, had also been in Catalonia during the referendum as a guest of the CUP and gave his reflections on the situation.  The centrepiece of the meeting was a Skype interview with socialist activist, Dick Nichols, European correspondent for Australian Green Left Weekly, hosted by SSP Trade Union organiser Ritchie Venton.  Nichols has been resident in Barcelona for some years and presented a socialist analysis of the situation reporting on the scale of the mass movement for Catalonian independence.  Nichols gave particular emphasis on the significance of the enormous general strike on 3rd October.  Green Left Weekly is publishing regular reports from Nichols.
The SSP meeting was attended by a number of delegates from the SNP conference, who heard criticism of the European Union’s role in the struggle for Catalan independence described by Nicholls as ‘vile’.  Attendees discussed building action in the future in solidarity with Catalonia across Scotland.
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