Prepare for Fireworks! A film by National Women Against Pit Closures.

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“No, not a film about the menopause though god knows we could all say a thing or two about that! Our film is about the real BIG change in our lives in 84/85 in the miners’ strike.

But it’s not a piece of nostalgia for 30 years ago. There was ‘NO GOING BACK’ and our political lives didn’t stop when in ‘85 the miners returned to the pits.

With us, in our film, are sisters and mates from other struggles that we’ve stood with, shoulder to shoulder. They’re some of the most experienced front line campaigners in the past 30 years – sisters from picket lines, peace camps and war zones.

True grit and true stars like: Bernadette McAliskey, Helen John, from Disarming Grandmothers, Malkiat Bilkhu, Shirley Winter, women firefighters, the Women on the Waterfront in Liverpool….

We’re older women now, many grandmothers. Once marked as enemies of the state – we’ve been through all sorts – strip searches, arrest, imprisonment and bitter long struggles. All on top of caring for families and keeping our jobs.

We’ve survived through being women together. We’re older working class women whose voices you don’t seem to hear from too often. But it is just as urgent today to share the lessons that we’ve learnt about “Going Through the Change” so prepare for fireworks!” Brenda Procter (Chair of National Women Against Pit Closures)

“Timeless…. brilliantly shows a sassy and fearless movement… A film as analytical and political as this is sorely needed in times such as these.Morning Star

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