Greece – the Euro Zone’s first revolution?

clip_image002Public Meeting

Thursday June 28 @ 7.30pm

• Dimitris Tzanakopoulos– SYRIZA, London

• Özlem Onaran – Socialist Economist

Oxford House, Derbyshire Street, London E2 (Bethnal Green tube)

Download the flyer here. Find the event on Facebook here.

SYRIZA’s emergence has terrified Europe’s rulers. A party which has defied austerity now commands massive support in the Greek working class. The Greek election results pose some hard questions for workers and bosses across Europe.

• Is this the end of the Euro?

• Is this a big defeat for the austerity offensive?

• Is Greece edging towards a revolutionary situation?

• What can socialists here learn from SYRIZA?

• What answers do we have to the crisis in Greece, Europe and Britain?

This meeting will be happening shortly after the Greek election. For the first time in decades the issue of which class rules is going to be on the agenda in Europe. Come along to take part in the discussion.

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