Ingrid McClements – a tribute

Ingrid McClements, also known to many friends and comrades from her time in London as Ingrid Falconer, died in Glasgow on December 5 2008. She will be deeply missed by her children Emily and Ruairidh and the many others to whom she was a treasured friend.

Ingrid was a member of the International Marxist Group in London in the 1970s and wrote regularly for its newspaper Red Weekly especially on issues of women’s liberation. Ingrid was centrally involved in setting up the first womens centre in Brent and in the Working Women’s Charter Campaign. Under these auspices she organised women pickets to support the workers at the key strike of mainly Asian women at Grunwicks from 1976-1978.

Ingrid had been seriously ill for some time but had been glad to celebrate her 60th birthday earlier in the summer together with many friends. Ingrid was determinedly active until the last weeks of her life. She even lamented that she could not brave the cold November winds to be part of a Reclaim the Night march. Her passionate commitment to feminism and anti-racism central to who she was.

Ingrid has a permanent memorial in the Scottish Parliament as part of the sculpture “Travelling the Distance” – a celebration of 100 Scottish women by other Scottish women. Ingrid herself nominated the poet Jackie Kay as her role model.

  • Wry wit, pungent observation, doughty

determination, fantastic food, laughter – description of an inspirational friend.

That is what Ellen Kelly said about Ingrid. Not a bad tribute.

Winmarie Greenland and Terry Conway

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