Ireland’s Credit Crunch

The crisis of the Irish economy coincides with this title from Resistance Books: Ireland’s Credit Crunch. Written by three leading members of the Fourth International in Ireland the book outlines the roots of the crisis, and how to fight it.
Kevin Keating is a trade union activist, a long-standing opponent of social partnership in the Irish Trade Union movement and advocate of rank and file organisation. Jonathan Morrison is a researcher with a wide knowledge of the political development of emerging economies. Joe Corrigan is an accountant with a background in economics and author of “Prisoners of Social Partnership,” an analysis of the corrosive effects of collaboration between the Irish government and Trade Union leadership. In Ireland’s Credit Crunch they discuss the roots of the current crisis in Ireland, the unprecedented scale of the threat to workers in Ireland and Europe and details of the programme that workers should advance to build a real alternative to the economic famine they are facing.

The 140 page book is available for £6 from Resistance Books. Just go to and send your payment to, adding £1 for postage in the UK, £2 elsewhere in the EU and £3 in the rest of the world. You can also order the book through your bookshop by using the IBSN number: 978-0-902869-76-9. Further analysis of the Irish Crisis is available at:

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4 Comments on Ireland’s Credit Crunch

  1. This kind of material should go straight online, especially in times such as these.

  2. Ed, that’s why we included a link to their website 😉

  3. The link is broken, and there’s nothing I can see on SD’s site (I was looking before, which is why this book called my attention) that approximates to the book, though the articles that make it up may well be there somewhere. But the point is a general one: given the subject, given the situation, why spend resources publishing a *book*? Why not just post this stuff on the site?

  4. I think the problem is the period at the end of the link. Just remove it or Google Socialist Democracy. That should do it.
    I look forward to the read myself.

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