Is the left coming together ….?

Blimey! They're getting the point.
Blimey! They’re getting the point.

Since Socialist Resistance 72 was published last month, with its front page headline asking whether the left was falling apart or coming apart, there has been a spate of encouraging signs.

Last Thursday 28 February, socialist filmmaker Ken Loach made a major call on the BBC Question Time broadcast live from the Eastleigh by-election in front of millions of watching viewers for a new party of the left, able to put the radical socialist agenda forward in a way that UKIP have done on the right.  The same night, the third meeting of the Left Unity group, in which Socialist Resistance has participated since its foundation by Kate Hudson and Andrew Burgin, was held in London.  Yesterday, the Anti Capitalist Initiative held a joint meeting with Red Pepper on “What should radical political organisation look like?”, the videos of which have been posted today on the internet.  Among others contributing, former Socialist Worker journalist Tom Walker, makes a powerful case for a very different kind of organisation to the ‘top-down’ style preferred by many of Britain’s left wing parties other than Socialist Resistance.  Today, Nick Wrack of the Independent Socialist Network has published a major article on the lessons of TUSC’s results in the Eastleigh by-election and what sort of Party-type socialist organisation we need.
It is clear that there is a growing convergence of ideas from some key people about the need for left unity and the creation of a new socialist organisation.  This is a convergence that Socialist Resistance welcomes and will play a full part in.  The information from these various events deserves to be shared and studied widely.  It is to be hoped that these discussions will continue over the coming weeks and months and may offset some of the damage that is likely to be done if, as has been widely anticipated, the Socialist Workers Party continues to come apart at the seams at its conference next weekend.
Socialist Resistance No 72
Ken Loach on BBC Question Time (NB Ken speaks 9:00 minutes in)
(NB this link is time-limited)
Report on third meeting of Left Unity
Videos of ACI/Red Pepper/IOPS meeting
Nick Wrack on ‘Let’s get this Party started’


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