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Socialist Resistance is an organisation as well as a website. If you agree with most of what we say we think you should join us. If you want to do that speak to one of our members or contact us at

You’ll be expected to participate in the labour movement and in campaigns; attend  your local Socialist Resistance branch and make a financial contribution to support the organisation’s work, all  to the extent that your circumstances permit.

You become a member after you’ve had a chance to talk to us and both sides feel that we broadly agree around the big themes of our politics.



  1. dear madame/sir, good day….i am Junji Geronimo, a 38 year old government employee here in the Philippines…i am also a member of our workers association in our municipality (united municipal employees of tubigon or umet) writing this message just trying my see i am an avid reader of books..more especially on world politics, workers rights, socialism..i love to buy books in secondhand bookstores..i could not buy books in department store books because their prices is quite salary is not adequate enough to buy brand new books eventhough i really love to read them..even renting in internet shop to read articles and books in various websites, i could really not rent computers in internet shop for over three to four hours because of my financial limitations..i still have to buy necessary things for my family…and my location in the Philippines is in the bakward agricultural province of Bohol…our province has the existence of the communist party of the philippines with its new peoples army..they are educating some of my co-workers about their line of struggle..however, i keep my distance because i dont believe in their armed struggle as the only struggle to be made by the working class..that is why i try my luck searching in the internet your website and quite somehow request for some books..i hope you can donate some tattered books of yours so that i can read and study it during my leisure time before sleep (after tending the cooking and the children put to sleep) that my quest for learning and knowledge could be given answer ( and it think this also the problems of many workers worldwide that they needed to be educated regarding class struggle)..thank you very much…hoping for a positive response…just in case if granted, here is my postal address: Junji Geronimo, Pooc Or., Tubigon, 6329 Bohol, Philippines..

  2. can anyone anywhere tell me when the next demo for the Catalans in taking place in Edinburgh. Just heard the breaking news of suspension of Catalonian Autonomy.

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