Join the London Pro Choice Counter Picket!

imageDefend a Women’s Right to choose!

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service in Bedford Square is currently being picketed by an anti abortion group called 40 Days for Life. On their website, 40 Days for Life claim that the purpose of their picket is to end the right to abortion in London.

The services provided by the British Pregnancy Advisory Service are fundamental to protecting women’s health. Access to safe, confidential advice and medical treatment concerning contraception, reproduction, pregnancy & abortion is essential if women are to make educated choices about their health.

These fundamental life choices are best left in the hands of qualified medical professionals, not groups who are driven by religious ideological beliefs. Their agenda is ultimately to deny women’s right to choose.

At this time of crisis for the NHS, it’s crucial that we join together to fight all attacks on free, accessible health care.

Join the Pro Choice Counter Picket!

1pm, Wednesday 2nd November
26-27 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3HP

For more information contact Molly Cooper, University College London UNISON.


  1. Pro choice errrrrrrr…would that be for the baby as well ?
    Ideological beliefs……… you don’t have any ?
    “Free,accessible health care” costs the public purse £60 million for abortions. Not only does abortion kill babies and harm women, it costs a fortune as well.

  2. It’s obviously about a woman’s right to choose whether to be pregnant or not! What’s wrong with that? It is about practical choices rather than an ideology. And since you worry about costs, how much does it cost to bring up a handicapped child?

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