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We believe that there IS an alternative to wars, cuts, privatisation, environmental destruction. We believe that the current UK election system does not allow our views to become represented – a truly democratic society requires participation and involvement at all levels and that the next elections will inevitably not lead to major change.

However, we do believe that there are candidates of the left, across several political organisations, who should be supported by everyone who agrees that there is an alternative to Brown, Cameron or Clegg. And in the interests of unity we call for left candidates to avoid clashing in the same seats.

We will therefore support the following for example (and there may well be many more), who strongly demonstrate practical representation of the left in its widest sense:

Caroline Lucas (Green, Brighton)
Dai Davies (independent, Blaenau Gwent)
George Galloway and Abjol Miah (Respect), John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn (Labour) (in London);
Dave Nellist (Socialist Party, Coventry);
Salma Yaqoob (Respect, Birmingham)
Gayle O’Donovan, Kay Phillips (in Manchester; Green and Respect respectively);
Peter Cranie (Green, Liverpool);
Val Wise (independent, Preston).


Nick Bird (Lowestoft)
Duncan Chapel (NUJ)
Andrew Collingwood (Green Party)
Sam Feeney (Unison)
Alf Filer (Harrow UAF)
Dan Fredenburgh
Ed Fredenburgh (Socialist Resistance)
Gregor Gall (University of Hertfordshire)
Tony Greenstein (Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods & Secretary Brighton Unemployed Centre)
Stephen Hall (Wigan, Leigh & Makerfield People’s Alliance)
Solomon Hughes (Morning Star writer)
Chris Hyland (Green Party)
Jim Jackson (Wakefield)
Aaron Kiely (Kent Uni.)
Nick Long (Lewisham)
Liam Mac Uaid (Editor, Socialist Resistance)
Jim Monaghan (Open University)
Shosh Morris
Miles Mothershead
John Nicholson
Declan O’Neill
Kay Phillips (Respect National Chair, PPC Blackey & Broughton)
Andy Richards (Brighton Unison and Respect NC)
Neil Scott (Scottish Socialist Party)
Clive Searle (Respect National Secretary)
Alan F Stevenson
Norma Turner
Steve West (RMT, Manchester)
Leanne Wood AM/AC (Plaid Cymru)
and more than 250 others (Updated on January 9).

Organisational affiliations are for identification purposes only.

To add your name to this statement, email John Nicholson at backtheleft@sent.com or join the facebook group for signatories at http://bit.ly/backtheleft.


  1. So we should be supporting George Galloway who is supporting the brutal crackdown on the students, youth and workers on the streets of Iran? If anyone has watched his Press TV shows over the summer you would of saw him defend Ahmadinejad and the attacks on democrats, the Left and the women’s movement. He works for Press TV which is owned by the IRI, he is essentially paid by the same regime that has killed thousands of socialists, trade unions, LGBT people and democrats. He opposes a women’s right to choose, he called stem cell research “Frankenstein science”, he likes immigration controls, defends the Chinese government and refuses to take the average wage of a worker. Why are members of the “Fourth International” backing this cretin, let alone asking the rest of the left to back him?

  2. Hi Chris,

    Do you have any references for any of this? I know recently on facebook you mistakenly said that Galloway had voted against Respect’s policy on abortion, so perhaps you are using an unreliable source. Galloway’s comments on China (you can hear his 60th anniversary speech on YouTube) are very similar to his comments about Iran and other developing countries. He defends those countries against Imperialism, supports their sovereignty, and point out the hypocrisy involved. However, because of his campist politics, he rarely makes critical comments on the internal politics of developing countries: for him, the main enemy is Western imperialism. But that is not the same as supporting Tienanmen Square or similar reactionary attacks on progressive. If you can find references (he’s such a prolific guy, and closely followed) then let me know.


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