‘Militant Years’ launch on May 11

Resistance Books has just published Alan Thornett’s new book on the struggles of workers in building and defending the unions in the huge Cowley car plants in the militant period of the 1960s and 1970s—the high point of British trade unionism in the 20th century.

It is a unique and gripping account of the dramatic struggles against both conservative trade union officials and anti-union management, which placed the plant at the centre of a media spotlight for over two decades.

Alan Thornett began work in the plant in 1959, and became a shop steward for the lorry drivers, deputy TGWU convenor for the plant, and chair of the Joint Shop Stewards Committee and of the TGWU branch.

The book is extremely timely: the rich experiences of that period have lessons for today as the unions, after decades of decline, gear up for action in defense of jobs and public services against a coalition government determined to set the clock back to the days before the welfare state existed.

Alan Thornett will be speaking on all these issues at the book launch below:

7pm Wednesday 11 May
at Housmans Bookshop
5 Caledonian Rd, London N1
(near Kings Cross)

Entry £3, redeemable against any purchase

To order Militant Years please send cheque payable to Resistance to: PO Box 62732, London SW2 9GQ; or pay t hrough PayPal.com to resistance@sent.com Prices are £12 UK; €14 Europe; $19 USA

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