Women’s Liberation & Socialist Revolution

Women’s Liberation & Socialist Revolution  from Socialist Resistance is co-published with the IIRE’s Notebooks for Study and Research. Its subtitle, Documents of the Fourth International, places it in our “documents and debates” series, which aims to collect documents and articles around a particular question.

Socialist educational courses often discuss how, and explain why, the international movement of women fighting their oppression and exploitation reached a new level during the 1960s. The resolutions collected in this volume are a product of that movement and the discussions it has prompted. They explain the Marxist analysis of the roots of women’s oppression, and the tasks facing socialists around the world.

The Fourth International, the principal organization of revolutionary socialist groups around the world, adopted the main resolution in this book in 1979. It places the oppression and exploitation of women in the context of class society. It shows that this oppression will end only when we get of class society. The resolutions adopted subsequently and published here analyse the uneven advance of women in the face of the global neo-liberal offensive. They look at the position of women in the imperialist countries and in the developing world as it stands at the beginning of the 21st century. They include a major resolution on the need for the positive actions used by socialist organizations to develop and develop their feminist work and profile.

The book opens and closes with two important contributions by Penelope Duggan, a Fellow of the IIRE who has directed the Institutes women’s studies programme and who edited both this volume and the NSR on Women’s Lives in the New Global Economy.

The 226-page book is available for £7 plus postage and packing (Britain £2, Rest of Europe £3, Rest of world £4) through paypal.com. Vist that website and click on ‘Send money’. Forward the right amount, along with your address, to us at resistance@sent.com

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