New Parties of the Left in the Age of Austerity

organised by London Socialist Resistance

Saturday 29 September
10:30am – 5pm
ULU, Malet Street, WC1

£10 and £5(students and unwaged}

With Stathis Kouvelakis (Syriza), Kate Hudson (Respect), Adam Hanieh (author and activist), Sandra Demarcq (NPA – France), Andrew Burgin (CoR), Alan Thornett (Socialist Resistance), Phillipe Nadouce (Front de Gauche), and Michael Voss (Red Green Alliance – Enheidlisten, Denmark)

Sessions on Greece, France Britain, What sort of parties for the 21st century and Why working class political representation.

As the austerity bites deeper, the differences between the traditional parties of the left and the right have been dramatically reduced.

This has opened up a space to the left of social-democracy which the radical left and revolutionary Marxists have a duty to fill. This cannot be carried out by these currents continuing in their traditional forms without seeking new levels of unity. Broad pluralist parties of the left are needed to restore independent working class political representation and to help organise the resistance to austerity.

In the context of the deepest economic and ecological crisis of capitalism in the post war period and with continuing imperialist wars, the need for such parties is urgent.

This conference will hear from the experiences of Greece, France and Denmark and debate ideas about how to put a new broad party on the agenda of the left in Britain.

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  1. Yes we’re all aware this is the political reality post 2010 Election-but you seem not to be cooperating with TUSC, the main vehicle that’s already there, and standing in elections, which has Non-Austerity anti-cuts Trade Unions on board already, RMT/POA/FBU-and it looks increasingly like PCS will be supporting Independant anti-cuts & anti Austerity Candidates.I am already quite aware of your position, and particularly support the Red/Green alliance concept as I think -a huge reserve of potential socialist cds lie in this area ! Its a mistake by serious Socialists, not to be working in cooperation here. Rodney Kay-Kreizman.August 2012.

  2. There seems to be some confusion here. SR supports TUSC and votes for its candidates and has done for a long time – other than where there is a clash of socialist candidates (which we strongly think should be avoided) where we take a decision based on the politics of the respective candidates and which candidate is likely to command the most local support.
    It is true that we think that the current federal and top-down structure of TUSC is a serious problem and a limitation on its development. But we are prepared to have a closer relationship with TUSC whilst arguing our corner on internal democracy and left unity, which we think is another weakness of the current orientation of TUSC.
    Unfortunately this has not been possible because each time we have applied for affiliation to TUSC (with a seat on the Steering Committee the same as the other political organisations) we have been rejected. Hopefully this exclusion can be reversed at the up-coming conference where we have a resolution to this effect.

  3. I hope that there will be some discussion on what new left parties are in favour of; not just what they are opposed to. Otherwise, platitudes loom …

    For health reasons I will probably not be able to attend; I have to think about the new local GP consortia. They get annoyed if I’m in good shape.

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