New Socialist Resistance out now

 The June-July issue of Socialist Resistance is out now. With the British general election behind us, the magazine includes deep analysis of the left and the election, Jerry Hicks’ campaign for the leaders of UNITE, the bosses’ offensive on pensions and fascism in Britain. A special feature on educations shows how the government is letting market forces loose on schools.

Other features in the magazine discuss economics (“Fiscal crisis or a crisis of distribution”) and ecosocialist issues like the campaign for free public transport and continue our debate on whether population control is a feminist issue.

Global analysis includes and interview with Tariq Ali, a discussion of the Philippines socialists’ long march, whether or not Cochabamba shows the way, and information about the upcoming Hugo Blanco tour.

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  1. The way you pose the question whether “population control” is a Feminist issue? could be open to misintepretation. What is Socialist Resistance’s (SR) line on “Population Control” theory? It seems to me that one or two central middle class leaders are going mad by social pressures. This was most clearly seen in the adaptation to the Lib Dems prior to them forming a coalition government with the Tories. As Trotsky and Cannon said about the Shactmanites when they reflected hostile Bourgeois pressures you cannot stop forces from commiting political suicide once they in this kind of frenzy. Thornett went along with this adaptation to the Lib Dems due to Galloway’s pressures.

    Unless Thornett breaks from these Petty-Bourgeois layers who are moving dramatically rightwards under Bourgeois pressures you will be lost to any remnant of Marxism and heading out of the workers movement (which any capitulation to “Population Control” theory would represent. It is very sad to see somebody with Thornett’s honourable record as a Trotskyist working class millitant until 1989 despite Sectarian and Opportunist errors at times to adapt towards from 1989 to adapt towards Stalinphobic forces. You lost confidence in Trotskyism due to the 1989 events in Eastern Europe.

    In your book “From Miltancy in Marxism” written in 1987 you knew fully about Stalinism’s crimes, this is why you broke from Stalinism and became a Trotskyist during the mid-1960s. There were left turns by Thornett when he defended the workers’ states at the FI’s Word Congress during 1995. There was one zig-zag in Thornett’s position when he argued at the 1998 ISG Summer School the defeat of Yeltsin would represent a return to Socialism. Socialism cannot exist in a transitional society which what a workers’ state represents. This represented bending to Stalinist pressures. On one point I agreed with Thornett the financial crisis of the summer of 1998 seriously weakened Yeltsin’s project.

    At the 1995 ISG conference an unprincipled combination defeated the former majority leadership which Thornett was apart. This is when he finally gave up building a Trotskyist cadre. Thornett then collasped into Dave Packer’s adaptation to Miltant’s Ultra-Left and Centrist politics. In 1997 I read Trotsky’s writings on Spain which paraelled Nin’s evolution where he adapted to Ultra-Left Centrist forces. Trotsky’s correspondence with Nin reminded me of the same course Packer was on with concillationism towards Militant. Militant and SP had not totally degenerated into supporting Bourgeois candidates within the Imperialist countries. Packer and Thornett were worse than the SP when they called for a vote to a Conservative Bourgeois candidate:- Chirac. Thornett shows again that even principled working class militants when they lose confidence in Trotskyism and their own class can be used by other class forces. Thornett may make a left break from these petty-bourgeois forces as workers are beginning to re-assert themselves in Britain.

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