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Charles Darwin: Reluctant Revolutionary

By Ian Angus. In 1846, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote The German Ideology, the first mature statement of what became known as historical materialism. This passage was [...]

3rd February 2009 // 3 Comments

Socialist Resistance Winter issue out now

Articles in the new Socialist Resistance include; Sean Thompson on the Green New Deal Andy Kilmister asks Can Keynsianism solve the crisis? Glyn Robbins on the role of [...]

29th January 2009 // 0 Comments

Towards Ecosocialism In South Africa

Towards the end of 2007  South Africa was hit by a cycle of damaging power cuts from which it is still to recover. Eskom, the partly privatised, national energy utility, [...]

27th January 2009 // 0 Comments

End of the road for the car industry?

Alan Thornett wrote this article for the new edition of The Respect Paper. While governments across the world are pumping money into the banks, other sectors face a bleak [...]

9th January 2009 // 0 Comments

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