Osama bin Laden: a small-scale killer/war criminal

Why was Osama bid Laden killed in cold blood? Since it is now clear he was seized and later killed. The answer is obvious since bringing him to trial would have revealed the numerous crimes America has committed against people of the Third World including Muslim countries.

He was trained as a terrorist in the 1980’s and was a close confidant of the CIA. He probably knew the secret details of the joint American/Saddam Hussein attack with poisonous gases on a Kurdish city in 1988. The Iraqi planes used American gas munitions and were directed by American satellites: they were literally watching the mass murder of 5,000 Kurdish women and children in the Pentagon.

Putting him on trial would possibly reveal too many similar events which would expose America’s many crimes.

Clearly Obama ordered his killing at the same time as making wonderful speeches about human rights and the due process of the law!! As the Bimingham Mail said in its Monday edition, Osama bin Laden and his Al Qaeda movement are responsible for “Thousands killed in 20-year reign of terror”. Thousands of innocent civilians have been killed by this reactionary movement.

But as I said above this is small scale compared to the MILLIONS killed by America and its loyal allies to defend its military and economic empire in the last 50 years. 2 million Vietnamese people were killed in the 1960s/70s by the American Empire to force them into an American client state including the murder of over 400 women and children in the My Lai village massacre. The 2003 American invasion of Iraq loyally supported by the Labour Government (with little opposition by Labour Party members) has killed at least half a MILLION Iraqi people and destroyed the Iraqi infrastructure. Water and sewage/electricity systems are now in a poorer state than under the dictator Saddam Hussain.

Tens of thousands of innocent civilians as well as hundreds of British soldiers are being killed in ongoing war in Afghanisatn far more than killed by Al Qaeda in its entire period of operation. We should not mourn the minor war criminal Osama bin Laden but resolve to bring the REAL war criminals Bush and Blair who have put hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians to death to justice!!

Stuart Richardson Convenor Erdington/Sutton Coldfield Stop the War Coalition

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