Protest against outsourcing at the British Museum

Over 40 PCS and Unite members working in cleaning and maintenance demonstrated outside the British Museum gates last Monday morning. They were striking against the strong threat of their work being outsourced to a private contractor in April 2013. Members handed out postcards to visitors and members of the public, addressed to the Museum Director, urging him to reconsider plans to privatise these vital services.

The date of the walk out was timed to coincide with a Shakespeare’s London event taking place at the Museum. The next walk out will take place on the 5 November, at 4 pm, when there will be another significant event, attended by members of the Museum.

One of the PCS members, who works as a cleaner at the Museum commented “I am pleased there are so many PCS members supporting the action today.. We are amongst the lowest paid staff working in the Museum. If our work is outsourced our pay, terms and conditions will be driven down further as private contractors are mainly interested in making money”

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