Protest against the suspension of SSP councillor Jim Bollan

The only SSP councillor in Scotland has been suspended for 9 months by the standards commission. On this occasion they consisted of a trade expert and an architech, with no connections or elected status in West Dunbartonshire.
Jim has a proud history of supporting workers and communities struggles, uncluding during the recent protracted single status dispute in West Dunbartonshire. SNP and Labour councilors insisted in useing this issue to railroad through new terms and conditions for workers. After many games and tricks from them, it has ended in workers loosing their overtime payments, annual leave, shift alloweneces and various bonuses. Jim fought in a principled way to stop this from happenning.
On the night in question, the chair refused to allow Jim to address the Council to raise the issue of single status and the cuts in wages and conditions this would have on the Council’s 6,000 workforce. On realising what had happenned, Jim understandably was angry. He said “This is a stitch up,” and later on used the word “shite” – shocking isn’t it? This has resulted in him being suspended for 9 months from council meetings and committees.
This is a great loss to all those who elected him and the workforce who have relied on his unswerving support, as the letter below from the Secretary of Clydebank Trades Council shows.
Please circulate and sign the petition, and send Jim a message of support at

Here is a letter to the Morning Star:-

Dear Comrade
We would like to make the broader labour and trade union movement aware of the suspension of Councillor Jim Bollan from West Dunbartonshire Council. Jim was suspended from all committees for 9 months for alleged misconduct at a council meeting by the Standards Commission.
The detail of the case will be dealt with by any appeal but we believe the suspension was due his outspoken comments over the Single Status deal that was imposed on the workforce. Jim has great support in the local trade unions, the community and the workforce of the council who recognise the support he always given them. His constituents have now been left without their elected representative due to an unelected quango.
A petition has now been started to express support for Comrade Bollan.
To ensure the widest support for Jim it is worth noting that while he is a Scottish Socialist party councillor none of our delegates are. Our support for Jim is based on his record of support for the trade union movement in West Dunbartonshire and our anger at his suspension.
Tom Morrison
Clydebank TUC

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2 Comments on Protest against the suspension of SSP councillor Jim Bollan

  1. elizabeth fulton // 18th May 2009 at 2:42 pm // Reply

    Jim Bollan is the only councillor in West Dunbartonshire that cares about people and real issues. Other councillors are reprimanded for expressing their own opinions and not that of their party. I fully support the reinstatement of Jim Bollan and I wish there were more councillors like him.Jim supported the residents of Strathleven drive in their fight against the Aggreko development, the only councillor to openly do so. I would like to thank him personally as at the end of the day we won the fight and the development is moving to Lomondgate.

  2. Mr & Mrs McDonald // 18th May 2009 at 7:07 pm // Reply

    We would like to offer our support to Jim Bollan as he is the best peoples councillor in West Dunbartonshire council this is a man that really cares about real issues.I second the above comments.cheers Jim.

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