Resistance in Latin America

imageSocialist Resistance Public Meeting

Community Centre, 62 Marchmont Street, WC1N 1AB
(Kings Cross & Russell Square tubes)

JEFF WEBBER, author of "From Rebellion to Reform in Bolivia" and "Left-Indigenous Struggles in Modern Bolivia"
IAIN BRUCE, author of "The Real Venezuela: Making Socialism in the 21st Century".

Across the continent, mass resistance is continuing against the neo-liberal project. In Chile, students have been protesting for months to demand free public education. In Bolivia, protestors have been opposing a highway through an indigenous and ecological reserve in the Amazon. In Mexico, the electrical workers union announce the launch of a new independent working class party. And in Venezuela, the Chavez government is still charting an independent course in the USA’s own backyard. Jeff Webber and Iain Bruce, authors of books on Latin America, will be reporting on the struggles that are going on in the region and outline the prospects for the movement.

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