Revolt in Syria – Solidarity, Prospects and Strategy

A public meeting jointly organised by Socialist Resistance and the Anti-Capitalist Initiative. 1_cropDownload the flyer here.

Monday 25 February at 7pm

ULU, Malet Street, London WC1
Tasneem Al-Zeer, activist with British Solidarity with Syria
Gilbert Achcar, Lebanese academic, socialist and anti-war activist
Marwa Kuwaider, Human Care Foundation Worldwide

The Arab Revolution reached Syria on March 15th 2011 with nationwide protests against the government. The demonstrations began in the city of Dera, when a group of children spray painted slogans from the Arab Revolution on the walls of the city. Arrested and tortured by the security services, the protests by the people of Dera against the torture of their children sparked a nationwide revolt against the 40 year long Assad Dictatorship.

The regime responded with violent repression, deploying the army and pro-government thugs against peaceful protestors. In response, defectors from the army and civilians formed the Free Syrian Army to fight the regime. The protests continued and the regime resorted to ever more brutal and horrifying violence to try and quell the uprising.

Now almost 2 years on, over 60,000 have died, there are over 500,000 refugees in neighbouring countries and 2 million internally displaced people. The Free Syrian Army, controls large areas of the country, and yet Assad has vowed to fight to the end. The left outside of Syria needs to give its solidarity to the movement for democracy and campaign against all foreign intervention. It is the people of Syria themselves who should determine independently and freely their own future.

The Syrian revolution for freedom and democracy continues. Speakers from British Solidarity for Syria, the Human Care Foundation and Gilbert Achcar discuss the present situation in Syria, and what solidarity can be organised now to support the Syrian people

No to foreign intervention!
Solidarity with the movement for democracy!

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