Scotland: Why socialists should back independence

A Socialist Resistance Public Meeting

Scotland: Why socialists should back independence
WEDNESDAY 30 MAY, 7.30pm
Indian YMCA, 41 Fitzroy Square, W1T 6AQ
(Warren Street tube)
Gregor Gall, author of Tommy Sheridan: A Political Biography, and The Political Economy of Scotland: Red Scotland?
and Terry Conway, Socialist Resistance. (Read Terry’s article Vote “yes” for Scottish independence here.)

Yes to independence!  No to austerity!

Why socialists should support the fight for Scottish independence
At the beginning of this year, we saw a ratcheting up of the debate about Scotland’s future. David Cameron tried to wrong foot Scotland’s First Minister, the Scottish National Party’s Alex Salmond, and failed miserably. Unionist bile has been whipped up by politicians from all the Westminster based parties. But opinion polls indicate that support for independence is growing.

The left in Britain needs to discuss again the Scottish national question. Socialist Resistance has supported the Scottish Socialist Party and the fight for self determination for Scotland.

Socialist Resistance believes that independence for Scotland is a progressive demand. Scotland would be economically, politically, culturally and socially better off making its own decisions and standing on its own two feet. The fight for independence involves confronting powerful vested interests at the heart of the British capitalism.

Socialist Resistance supports the fight for independence for Scotland and against austerity. A progressive independent Scotland would strengthen the anti-capitalist movement throughout Britain. And a Scotland that was independent would weaken Britain as a major imperialist power, something that should be welcomed.


  1. It’s great to see the left finally endorsing what I’ve always believed, that Scottish Independence is a natural policy for the left to adopt, the breaking up of any colonial power has to be a good thing for everyone concerned with social justice. I can remember having this argument with Militant members long before TS formed the SSP. Can I take this opportunity to inform you about an event in Glasgow on Saturday 26th of this month. There will be a demonstration at Pacific Quay, BBC Scotland’s HQ against anti-independence bias in the BBC, which was rife during the recent council elections and which many of us believe could have a huge detrimental effect on our referendum if left unchecked, here’s a link to their page

  2. Once we get independence i’ll be looking for a socialist party to join – that immediately rules out Labour.

  3. Excellent article, my thoughts exactly, Scotland has always been far more left wing and socially just than England. I can’t wait for our land to be free.

  4. Wrong and sectarian approach. Socialists should be offering a federation of sovereign nations plus North of Ireland. If the Scottish people declare UDI then we will support it but up to then we propose a joint struggle by unified labour movemet against the British state to result in a federation of sovereign nations.

  5. independant scotland will still be a capitalistic state,if any person who believes in socialism would understand that the current system of worker explotation will carry on no matter which party is elected. when the working class come to a proper realisation of their plight and organise a true socialist party nothing will change.

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