Self determination for the Tamil people–three videos

imageA highly significant meeting in London brought together representatives of a number of British based Tamil organisations including the British Tamils Forum and the International Tamil Journalists Association and the author of Tamil Nation in Sri Lanka, Ron Ridenour.

The meeting in London on March 7th, which was hosted by Socialist Resistance (the British sister organisation of  theNava Sama Samaja Pakshaya), looked at ways to build international solidarity with the Tamil struggle for freedom and to win justice for the victims of the murderous Sri Lankan regime. The participating organisations agreed to meet again in a few weeks with proposals to build a campaign drawing on the lessons of Palestinian and Latin American solidarity activists.







  1. You show whatever evidence, But No justice will be done. This world will be mute spectator until their family life and livelihood are secured. They talk all kind of non-sense logics to protect this cold-blo0ded heartless more importantly majority (who give the rights to kill minority in the name of democracy) chavunistic Govt. murderers. Geopolitics- All countries are in same mud.

  2. There is no justice. Tamils murdered so Sri Lanka can attract more tourists. The England cricket team tour goes ahead with no public outcry, remember South Africa rugby team coming to the UK in 1974- What a different world we live in today. Revolutions in Egypt, no change. World must demilitarise en masse for any real change to occur. The UK the second most arms dealer in the world. We used to make things. Now we just kill people.

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