Socialist Resistance Forum with Farooq Tariq

Socialist Resistance meeting with Farooq Tariq


Pakistan after the elections

Meeting with: Farooq Tariq (Labour Party Pakistan), Jane Shallice (Stop the War Coalition Officer) , Gilbert Achcar (author The Clash of Barbarisms)

Thursday 8 May, 7.30pm, ULU, Malet Street,WC1

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1 Comment on Socialist Resistance Forum with Farooq Tariq

  1. Sherbaz khan // 6th May 2008 at 11:10 am // Reply

    Dear representative,
    Here i am worker of Labour Party Pakistan (LPP), and youth representative of Progressive Youth front(PYF) here in Sindh provice of Pakistan. we are also part and parcel of Peoples resistance group here in Karachi, so Labour party members are (playing) a very active role in this group. the group work for restoration of 3rd November 2007 Judiciary in Pakistan, and work for Youth issues and other activism,in Karachi University as well and other colleges too, and Comrade Farooq is very active and role model in left groups in Pakistan,
    with all respects
    Sherbaz Khan,
    Member Labour Party.

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