Socialists must give solidarity to the Syrian uprising! Video

Gilbert Achcar explains why socialists have to give their solidarity to the uprising against the murderous Assad dictatorship at a meeting organised by the Anti-Capitalist Initiative, International Socialist Network and Socialist Resistance in London on September 19th.

To watch Gilbert’s introduction click here.

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  1. The comments right at the end – from about 28 minutes on – do not substantiate Gilbert’s view that it is necessary to support (all?) the Syrian uprising. I do not doubt his contention that the majority of people in Syria does not want an Islamic state and wants to have democratic rights etc., but he points out that he thinks 10% of the fighters are Al Qaeda and 30% are Salafists, who also want an Islamic state. He doesn’t say that the other 60% (presumably mainly FSA, and therefore pro-imperialist, or at least happy to collaborate with them) want democracy. Do they?

    He also uses two analogies about supporting Hammas’ right to rule in Gaza and the resistance against US occupation in Iraq, where socialists supported the struggles, despite their leaders’ Islamic programmes. But these are/were national liberation struggles, whereas Syria is not (predominantly).

    Something about the democratic and socialist opposition and its strategy and tactics in the uprising, would have made these issues clearer.

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