Solidarity with a Greek No vote on Sunday

Alan Thornett

We are two days away from the Greek referendum. The Banks and the European elites are straining every nerve not only to win a Yes vote on Sunday but to destroy Syriza, the government it leads and the anti-austerity alternative that it represents.

It is like the Scottish independence referendum writ large. As soon at the referendum was announced – which was a momentous challenge to the EU’s neoliberal agenda – the banks went into action. The European Central Bank (ECB) announced that it was turning off all support mechanisms to the Greek banks forcing them to close down. Cash withdrawals for the ATMs were limited to €60. The message was that if you really want to challenge the European elites and their austerity agenda this is what is going to happen. There will be complete chaos and it will be the end of civilisation as we know it.

Widespread disinformation was spread designed to discredit the Syriza government and undermine confidence in its leadership.
The EU elites threatened Greece with expulsion from the Euro, and even the EU, in the event of a No vote. They know that a majority of the population are worried about an exit from the Euro and they are exploiting it to the full – even though a Grexit would seriously damage the EU and is a nightmare scenario as far as their own interests are concerned.

As a result of all this the No vote is under pressure. Although the Tsipras government remains hugely popular even some of its supports are beginning to say ‘my heart says vote No but my pocket say vote Yes’.

This is a dangerous situation. Whether Tsipras and the Syriza leadership have done enough to prepare for this kind of assault is a discussion we can have in the future. The task now is maximum solidarity with the struggle of the Greek people since a defeat for Syriza would be a serious defeat for the whole of the European movement.

This means that every nerve has to be strained to support the No campaign between now and Sunday. The No vote is there to be won. The Greek government is calling for it and we have to do everything we can in their support.

Solidarity is an issue for the whole of the European workers movement. The elates not only want to smash Syriza in Greece they want to strike a blow against Podemos in Spain – and against anyone else who dares to challenge their neo-liberal agenda.
In Britain the Greek Solidarity Campaign (GSC) has done a remarkable job in mobilising solidarity, including the excellent protest in Trafalgar Square has Tuesday.

It has called now another protest for tomorrow afternoon in Trafalgar Square (with protests in other parts of the country).


This is crucially important in order to give a final solidarity boost to the No campaign. The left needs to take this very seriously to ensure a maximum turnout.

The details are as follows:
SATURDAY 4 JULY – 2pm Trafalgar Square
Solidarity with Greece – London votes no to austerity.

There will also be a post referendum rally on MONDAY EVENING (July 6th):

Greece on the brink – no to austerity, yes to democracy. 6.30pm at the TUC Congress House, Great Russell Street. It is sponsored by Greece Solidarity Campaign, the TUC, and Jubilee Debt Campaign.

For further information see

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