Stand up for climate justice

colour-prov-flier-500March and Rally in London, Saturday 3rd December
Assembles 12 noon near St Paul’s (for precise location check for march to Parliament.

Climate Vigil and symbolic "Climate Refugee Camp"
Midnight Friday 2nd on the Thames foreshore near the Millennium bridge

7% of the world’s population produce 50% of the world’s emissions
7% of the world’s emissions are produced by 50% of the world’s population

Bring your placard / t-shirt / cardboard cut-out / symbol for 7% to the demo

Full timetable and event details:

9.00 pm to 5.00 am (Friday 2nd-Saturday 3rd) Vigil and symbolic "Climate Refugee Camp" on the Thames foreshore near the Millennium (wobbly) Bridge. Main vigil events from Midnight to 1.00 am.

Organised by "Durban 2011 Global Day of Action Group" including Hackney and Tower Hamlets Friends of the Earth, World Development Movement, Biofuelwatch, and Christian Ecology Link.

Turn the desolate foreshore alongside the rising waters of the Thames into a ‘stage’ on which to bring the reality of climate change impacts on vulnerable people around the world home to the City of London, the heart of the consumerist carbon-burning economy that created those impacts in the first place….

If you come to this event please wear stout footwear and warm, windproof and waterproof clothing. Download a Foreshore Safety leaflet here. (A candle in a jar would also be good !)

12 noon (Saturday 3rd) Assemble for the Climate Justice March – assembly point will be in the St Pauls / Millennium Bridge area (check for precise location soon). The march will leave around 1.00 pm. March in support of the tens of thousands mobilising in South Africa to demand climate justice at the Durban Climate Talks.

2.30 – 3.00 pm Climate Justice Rally outside Parliament. Demonstrators will split into two groups to represent the 7% versus the 50% (see above) and demand urgent action to achieve a Zero Carbon Britain by 2030.

3.30 pm End of event.

This year the floods in Pakistan have returned displacing 5 million and killing hundreds. Last year’s floods were the worst in living memory with 20 million affected and 2,000 killed. Last year also saw record breaking temperatures in Russia with wildfires and crop failures while this year we have seen the latest in a series of exceptional droughts in East Africa causing famine in Somalia.

The frequency and severity of weather related disasters is on the increase and scientists tell us this is due to human-induced climate change caused overwhelmingly by the high emissions and high consuming lifestyles of richer countries like our own. Its the poorest and most vulnerable around the world – many of them in Africa where this year’s climate talks are being held – who have done the least to cause the problem but who are suffering the most. And all this is set to get worse. Yet climate change and the conversion to a low carbon economy are routinely dismissed as minor concerns.

Download flier for this event (pdf) here.

Download a Climate Justice information flier (pdf) here.

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