Stop Brexit and get rid of the Tories

The Tory Brexit is hanging onto life by a thread writes Andy Stowe. The March 23rd demonstration called by the People’s Vote campaign has the potential to land the killer punch on both Brexit and the Tory government.

It’s irrelevant that many of its main organisers are Labour and Tory sworn enemies of the Corbyn leadership. When hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets, events run beyond the control of schemers like Peter Mandelson and Alistair Campbell. As with the demonstration on October 20th last year when 700 000 people protested against what they correctly understood to be a reactionary, anti-migrant Tory project, this week’s demonstration will pull together hundreds of thousands who want to stand up for the freedom of movement of half a billion people inside the European Union. They reject the chauvinist nationalism of the vast majority of Brexiteers and are willing to travel from all over the British state to make their point.

Theresa May staggers from one parliamentary humiliation to the next. Her party is an alliance of hostile factions which agree on little more than continuing her austerity programme. She’s only stayed as prime minister this long because they can’t work out who the least bad alternative might be. Last Wednesday her own Brexit secretary Steve Barclay voted against the government motion he proposed. Under any previous prime minister this would have been grounds for immediate sacking or resignation. No longer. May’s authority as Tory leader has completely evaporated.

High profile Labour presence

If you are planning to go on the demonstration try to make sure that your Labour Party banner is there too. Almost three quarters of the membership want a chance to vote on the deal, as do the majority of Labour voters including in constituencies which voted for Brexit. Corbyn is undoubtedly coming under real pressure from his Lexit supporting advisors. He and they need to see what the real will of the membership is next Saturday and one of the ways to do that is to have the maximum possible number of Labour Party banners on the streets of London. That’s the surest possible way to put the nail in the coffin of the scabs in the Independent Group of MPs and to prevent a haemorrhage of young voters and opponents of Brexit.

Socialist Resistance is encouraging its readers to join the left bloc along with Another Europe is Possible, the TSSA, Open Labour, the Green Party and others to amplify the anti-Tory, anti-Brexit voices on the demonstration.

This government of millionaires, Islamophobes and English nationalists is teetering on the edge of collapse. We can help give it a shove on Saturday and put pressure on Labour to take the leadership of the largest mass movement in the country, the movement against Brexit.

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