Sunday 29 September – National Demonstration at the Tory party conference

paaa_logo_shadow_300 National demonstration at the Tory Party conference
Assemble 11am, Sunday 29 September
Assemble Liverpool Road, Manchester, M3 4FP
marching to a rally in Whitworth Park


Trade-unions, the anti-cuts campaigns, the peace movement and the left are all getting ready to march on Sunday 29 September at the Tory party conference in Manchester. The message is simple: no to austerity, defend the NHS, we should not pay for their crisis.

The Tory chancellor claims that there are signs that the economy is moving out of recession. But what Osborne does not explain is who is paying for this recovery. The gap between the rich and the poor never ceases to increase with bankers earnings are at pre-crisis levels and a drop in earnings for the rest. Households have lost an average of £1,300 since 2010. There are over 50,000 households affected by the bedroom tax. And UNITE the union estimates that there are over 5million workers on zero hour contracts. So there is no recovery for working people, the unemployed and pensioners.

The defeat in Parliament for Government’s motion for war in Syria shows it is increasingly weak and vulnerable. Nobody believes that the NHS is safe in the Tories hands as more and more of its services are privatised.

It is still possible to win the fight against austerity and in defence of public services. That’s why it is important that all of us converge on Manchester to tell the Tories that is time to go!

After the 29th September, we will need to throw our weight behind the unions taking actions in defence of services, jobs and conditions. The NUT and NASUWT members are striking on the 1 and 17 October. The CWU is balloting for action while the government is preparing to privatise Royal Mail. Firefighters have voted overwhelmingly for the FBU to organise industrial action in defence of pensions while 12 fire stations are threatened with closure in London. Even members of the Bakers Union are on strike at Hovis in Wigan against zero-hours contracts.

The call for the demonUNITE demostration came from the 4,000 strong People’s Assembly in June. It has since been taken up by all the major unions and campaigns. The TUC itself is organising the demonstration. Three special trains from London and scores of coaches around the country will converge on Manchester. Over 50,000 are expected to protest on the day, and all of us need to be part of the fightback.

TRANSPORT: to book seats on the train from London, go to the People’s Assembly website, and for transport from elsewhere, go to the TUC’s False Economy website.


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  1. The fight against the privatization of the Royal Mail should be put front and center at the demo. With the British public, and especially Tory-leaning rural residents massively opposed to the sell off of this public service, the basis for developing a mass action campaign organized by local committees in support of the CWU and the TUC, the local Labour parties, etc. against the blatant greed of the City bankers, advisors and lawyers. It also, to put it more bluntly, gives the left an opportunity to organise and collectively lead a mass struggle with a high percentage of being able to beat back the government on this issue, and thereby emboldening and reinforcing the other struggles as they unfold.
    Having been involved in a similar winning struggle some years ago, I know how quickly this issue becomes an ideological campaign which the left can almost always win, and which can mobilize the masses with a bit of hard and creative organizing work. As they say in the City, “only upside to this one”.

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