Support grows for October 1

Film maker Ken Loach is the latest person to add his support to the Europe against Austerity Conference on October 1 in London.

Ken said: The need to organise against cuts is plain to all. It is equally clear that we need to make links with others facing similar attacks. We must not only speak of internationalism but make it a reality. It is desperately important that this conference is one step on the path of European-wide solidarity action. Good luck”.

Support – and attendance at the conference has also come from the joint union committee of Le Havre, a port city in Normandy, France.

They say:
“In the months before the strikes and demonstrations in the autumn 2010, we put forward all necessary arguments to challenge the lies about the economy used by the government to justify its pension reform.

Our mobilisation was very dynamic and mobilised tens of thousands of people in the streets of the city of Le Havre. The success of the strikes and demonstrations were encouraged by inter-union unity. Friendly discussions between militants allowed all us to seek together the best ways to develop mobilization. Everyone remembers the information disseminated through a daily paper “Le Havre de Greve” (In French le havre also means haven or harbour “haven/harbour of strike). It was a great tool to coordinate the efforts of all those involved.

The  CGT, FSU and SOLIDAIRES militants of the Havre de Greve are convinced that these local efforts are not enough to renew the strikes and demonstrations that are necessary to win against those who seek to impose austerity on people pay to pay for debts that are not theirs. Our fight is not limited to just our area or to France but involves all those who have been targeted by governments to pay for the crisis in financial markets.
We will be attending the Europe Against Austerity conference on the 1st October in London because we are committed to participate in all initiatives that gather people of all countries against the financial markets. We will be in London to launch an appeal for coordinated mobilisation to demand another way of sharing out wealth, and a different economic policy to meet the needs of people. This involves fighting against the austerity plans and coming together to demand the non-payment of debt.

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