Support the Climate Jobs Caravan 12th – 25th May

imageThe CLIMATE JOBS CARAVAN – backed by a number of national unions and campaign groups – is a 2000 mile campaign tour of towns and cities to promote the ONE MILLION CLIMATE JOBS REPORT and raise public discussion of how jobs lost in your locality can be replaced through the creation of the new industries and services that we need to ensure an environmentally sustainable future.

We need to start  forcing the Government to create a million new jobs dealing directly with the introduction of clean sources of renewable energy and greater energy efficiency in our buildings and transport systems. By expanding cheap public transport, insulating our homes, and training people in green skills.
All this can be done for a fraction of the amount the Government has put into keeping the banks afloat.

This has been shown by the ONE MILLION CLIMATE JOBS REPORT produced by the Trade Union Group of the Campaign against Climate Change and endorsed by four national unions – the CWU, PCS, TSSA and UCU. The TUC is also calling for the creation of a million green jobs.

The Caravan goes on the road on 12 May. It will be greeted by meetings and other public events in dozens of localities where jobs are currently being shed. Join it when it arrives near you.

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Pass this resolution in your union

According to government figures 2.67 million people are currently unemployed in Britain and this figure understates the real number. In addition 22.2% of 16-24 years are unemployed. The trade union movement has to offer a solution to worklessness and despair. At the same time we recognise the need to put forward a positive programme to address rising CO2 emissions and the catastrophic climate change they will produce.

The Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group published the pamphlet One Million Climate Jobs which explained in detail how decently paid, skilled, unionised work was the means of tackling these two problems. The Campaign Against Climate Change is organising a tour of cities in Scotland, England and Wales to publicise these ideas this spring. It will be called “The Climate Jobs Caravan”.

During the last two weeks in May a ‘caravan’ in the form of an environmentally-friendly vehicle will visit over 20 towns and cities where local communities will stage their own events to back the call. 

This branch / association / region agrees to:

· Support the Climate Jobs Caravan.

· Publicise its activities in our newsletter and other communications.

· Encourage members to participate in the Caravan’s activities if it comes to our area.

· Affiliate to the Campaign Against Climate Change.

· Make a donation of £xxx to support the Climate Caravan.





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