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Dear Prime Minister,

We all deserve dignity and decent living standards in retirement. This is affordable in the sixth largest economy in the world if we choose it to be. Poverty pensions remove dignity from pensioners and harm our society. State pensions in Britain are lower than in most European countries. In addition, only one in three workers in the private sector in the UK is now a member of an employer-sponsored pension scheme. This crisis in pension provision is already leading to pensioner poverty which will only become worse. On the other hand a quarter of all tax relief on pensions, amounting to more than £10bn annually, goes to the richest 1% in the country. Action is needed to secure decent State pensions as the foundation for pensioner income and decent employer-sponsored pension provision for all workers in all employment sectors. The present attack on public sector pensions will simply increase the number of pensioners relying on benefits in future. We the undersigned call on the Government to:

  • Stop the attacks on public sector pensions
  • Increase State pensions as advocated by the National Pensioners Convention to above the official poverty level of £176 per week
  • Require all employers to provide decent occupational pension schemes

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